Black Teens Murder 90-Year-Old White Woman In Her Own Home…Media Silent

L to R: Isaiah Powell, Anthony Cooper

CONCORD, NC – On Oct. 5, police discovered the body of Gilma Goodman, 90, in her home in the 100 block of McKinnon Avenue. The great-great-grandmother had been shot to death.

Two days later, the Concord police arrested Anthony Deion Cooper, 17, and Isaiah Powell, 17, and charged them both with first-degree murder, attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and discharging a weapon into occupied property causing serious bodily injury.

The Charlottle Observer reported:

Police said tips from the public led them to the suspects. Cooper and Powell went to Goodman’s home between 7:45 and 8 p.m. intending to rob her, police said.

Though both The Charlotte Observer and WCNC reported on Goodman’s murder, both failed to mention the fact that the elderly murder victim was white. However, last month, both of the aforementioned media outlets made a point of reporting that an armed man shot by Charlotte police happened to be black.
That man was Keith Scott, and dashcam video shows that he was told to “drop the gun” at least 12 times within a 38-second period. Though his widow, Rakeyia Scott, still claims her husband had no weapon, police recovered a loaded handgun from the scene and Scott was wearing an ankle holster, according to officers.
Scott was reportedly rolling a joint inside his SUV when police told him to exit the vehicle.
The officer who shot him was also black.
Of course, all of the aforementioned facts were lost on the media, as well as on the thousands of rioters who rampaged through Charlotte following the biased media coverage of the shooting.
Gilma Goodman

Gilma Goodman

Not surprisingly, Goodman’s murder was ignored by the national news media.

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View Mrs. Goodman’s obituary…

Also, not surprisingly, no white people rioted, following this woman’s murder.

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