Big Win! President Trump Just Did Something Amazing for This Group, Obama Would Have Never Done This


Sometimes, the White House is lit in different colors for various causes. For example, President Barack Obama shamefully covered the White House in rainbow lights to celebrate the legalization of “same sex marriage.”

But what President Donald J. Trump just did to the White House yesterday has millions of Americans cheering!

The White House was turned blue to promote World Autism Awareness Day, as promised.

In an official proclamation marking April 2 as “World Autism Awareness Day,” Trump said,

“On World Autism Awareness Day, we highlight the importance of addressing the causes and improving the treatments for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).”

He continued,

“We also recognize the importance of identifying ASDs early in a child’s life and of understanding the obstacles faced by people living on the autism spectrum. Together, we celebrate the many ways individuals with ASDs enhance our daily lives and make priceless contributions to our schools, workplaces, and communities.”

He further explained,

“Autism spectrum disorders affect an estimated one out of every 68 children in America. Individuals and families living with autism come from diverse backgrounds. These families face enormous challenges in assisting their loved ones over the course of their lifetimes,” adding, “As those with ASDs reach early adulthood, families are often faced with even greater obstacles than during childhood, including planning for the successful transition into adulthood and independent life.”

He went on,

“We are hopeful that our Nation’s efforts will result in significant advancements related to autism diagnosis and treatments in the months and years ahead. Ongoing efforts to scan the human genome carry significant potential to better manage the disorder and, ultimately, find a cure,” before concluding, “My Administration will continue to work with the Congress to implement the 21st Century Cures Act and help to clear the way for breakthroughs in medical science. Together, we will turn scientific discoveries into real solutions for people with complex health issues like autism.”


In honor of this new holiday, Trump lit the White House in blue on Sunday, fulfilling a promise he had made to the late wife of one of his close friends.

The White House will briefly become the “blue house” on Sunday to mark World Autism Awareness Day.

Spokesman Sean Spicer says President Donald Trump is keeping a promise to the late wife of his friend Bob Wright that he would illuminate the White House in blue if he won the election.

Bob Wright and his wife, Suzanne, founded the advocacy group Autism Speaks in 2005. The organization uses the color blue in its logo.

Suzanne Wright died in 2016.

Spicer says it’s in honor of the Wrights that the White House on Sunday will help draw attention to a “great cause.” [Source: AP]

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is off on an island, writing his memoir. The dichotomy between these two leaders could not be more distinct. While Donald Trump fights for autistic individuals the world over, Obama is writing about himself while sipping Mai Tais. It’s truly refreshing to finally have a real leader in the White House.

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