Barely Recovered From Terrorist Attack- Berlin Reopens Christmas Market…

Taxi Dash Cam captures truck seconds before impact.

A tractor trailer smashed into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin on 19 December, killing 12 people and injuring 49, leaving 18 in a critical condition.

Source: BBC

Source: BBC


USA Today reports:

“Besides some home made memorials adorned with candles, flowers and homemade signs, all evidence of the truck and the havoc it unleashed here had been cleared away. The paths between the small wooden booths and stalls may not have been as busy as would usually be expected just a few days before Christmas, but visitors were trying to get on with the business of being as merry as possible under the circumstances.” Reports:

“Martin Dubie, a mulled wine seller, is serving a queue of enthusiastic customers just metres from where a lorry hijacked by a suspected Isis supporter ploughed into nearby stalls.

“I heard this huge crash and then people started to run past, screaming ‘attack, attack, attack’,” he recalls.

“I ran around the corner to see if I can help, there were injured people and bodies everywhere.””


SOURCE: reports:

The family of Anis Amri, the Tunisian man suspected of driving a lorry (tractor trailer) into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, have urged him to surrender.

The family of the alleged attacker. Source:

The family of the alleged attacker.

BBC Reports:

His brother, Abdelkader Amri, said he was sure Anis was innocent. If he was not, “it will be a dishonour for us”.

German officials have confirmed Amri’s fingerprints were found inside the truck that was used to kill 12 people and wound 49 others on Monday evening.

Breitscheidplatz market has reopened, with dimmed lights and no music.




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