The morgue workers in Pan’an, in the eastern province of Zhejiang, China, were preparing to cremate a baby boy that was born prematurely the month before. The baby spent weeks in intensive care after complications during birth. The boy’s father took him home after 23 days to celebrate the Lunar New Year and just days later the boy’s condition worsened and he was later declared dead.

On February 4th the doctors decided that the boys heart has stopped beating and a doctor issued a death certificate. But the child was NOT dead. One of the doctors at the boy’s Pan’an hospital said that it was the first time he “has ever seen anything like this. It is a true miracle”.

Baby 4

According to reports, the boy’s father had wrapped him in a couple layers of clothing and put him in a thick bag before taking him to the morgue. This is what probably saved the boys life. The boy spent 15 hours in the morgue freezer with temperatures just above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The workers were getting ready to cremate the child when the boy began to moan. They were shocked and got the doctors on him immediately.

Baby 3

The doctors later said that the miracle may be short lived and said they are cautious about his chances of recovery. They say that because his heart had stopped beating and then he was in the freezer at the morgue for such a long time that he may have brain damage if he survives at all.


This is a heart breaking story and makes me wonder, when doctors are declaring someone dead, if they really know what they are doing and if they have really tried ALL they can to save someones life.

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