AWESOME- Watch ObamaCare Architect Get Schooled on National TV!…


In the hundred or so years that the progressive left has been trying to institutionalize government sponsored health “care,” arguably the closest they’ve come is the DEEPLY unpopular Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, that was neither affordable or caring.  Once the thing was passed and we all found out what was in it, all sorts of aspects of American life started to change.

  • Doctors left the profession in droves for a variety of reasons related to the law.
  • Part time workers saw their hours cut in order for their employers to avoid paying for health insurance for them.
  • Insurance rates skyrocketed as marketplaces failed and insurers had less competition.
  • Americans opting to pay the less expensive fine rather than insurance still had to pay massive amounts to the government (and many have gotten letters from the IRS ahead of the current tax season reminding them to pay up).
  • Businesses sat on cash rather than hiring workers as the expense of offering health insurance threatened the health of their balance sheets.

In the midst of this, a video surfaced of Professor Jonathan Gruber of Harvard talking about the people that this law would impact – the American voter – and he commented about our stupidity prior to the passage of ObamaCare.  It was shocking to say the least for the people hurt by the law to hear Prof. Gruber’s comments at the time.  He was even called in front of a Congressional Committee to defend himself.  He didn’t do a very good job, which begs the question why he agreed to appear on Tucker Carlson’s new show on Fox News.  Carlson is turning out to be one of journalism’s toughest interviewers and probably the most compelling since the late Tim Russert passed away.

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Check out this interview and see how the smarmy little professor did.

Sorry, dude, even those who pay cash for services at medical offices and facilities are paying more.  The entire law is a disaster and it is bankrupting middle America where the people have ceded their responsibility for paying for insurance and medical basics to employers.  There is no misinformation out there when the stories are all about personal experience.  And really, does this guy think that we out on the fruited plain who had to suffer through word problems in math classes can’t figure out that adding years with no increase in costs to an average is going to bring a percentage down?

Professor Gruber get over yourself.  ObamaCare has done nothing for many Americans.  All of us know people who have been hurt by the law, more than have been helped.

“This law was never supposed to help everybody.”

Let that sink in right next to “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”  The real truth is that the states and the American people didn’t play along.  That’s why the law failed.  It was a disaster from the beginning. And that is why it is on its way to being repealed.

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