Arizona Says “No” to Obama Amnesty Drivers Licenses, Stands Up For Americans First

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The illegal dictatorial decrees of Hussein Obama are having widespread negative impacts on every sector of American life. The fight against this tyranny is difficult, and one that is surely met with all of the resources of our misappropriated tax dollars America’s rogue Federal government has at its disposal. The mechanisms of the police state bureaucracy provide an overwhelming opponent to those with the survival of our nation at heart.

But the fight is not impossible. Good people have to stand up and take on the challenges.  One of those people standing up against tyranny is the governor of Arizona.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is under fire from pro-illegal alien “rights” groups like the ACLU and La Raza for refusing drivers licenses to illegal alien “youth” granted virtual amnesty under Barack Obama’s DACA program. They have sued repeatedly to try and stop her.

But rather than back down, Brewer has doubled down.

Brewer has now directed her Department of Transportation to expand her denial of drivers licenses to ALL illegal aliens granted a reprieve from deportation by the Obama DHS or ICE, regardless of circumstances. The left has erupted in anger, absurdly claiming

After Obama created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program by executive order last year, Gov. Brewer called it “deferred amnesty” and mandated that no one covered by it would receive a driver’s license.

Brewer’s lawyers argued that Obama’s policy isn’t federal law and the state  has the authority to distinguish between illegals with work permits who are on  the path toward permanent residency and those benefiting from Obama’s  policy. The state’s lawyers argued Arizona isn’t violating its own policy by refusing  to grant licenses to the immigrants in the program, because the youths haven’t  been granted legal protections by Congress.

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This is the same argument being made by ICE agent leader Chris Crane, who is suing Obama and DHS to halt this unlawful decree.

And so far, Brewer has prevailed in court.

A Federal judge in May refused to halt the Arizona Governor’s policy. The plaintiffs have of course appealed.

Now she has expanded this policy:

In a statement late Tuesday, Arizona’s Department of Transportation said state law precluded the department “from issuing an Arizona driver license or identification card to any applicant who cannot demonstrate, by proof satisfactory to the director and [Department of Transportation], that the applicant’s presence in the United States is authorized under federal law.”


Not surprising, the open border nuts are apoplectic, claiming this expansion will hurt women and children victims of domestic abuse, a tiny proportion of those affected.

They are referring to the infamous “U-Visa” by which women who claim to be victims of domestic abuse or other crimes and report those crimes can be granted instant amnesty. This program is ripe with fraud. In May, a Mexican illegal alien faked an armed robbery against herself to try and get one. Illegal alien women committing marriage fraud and then falsely claiming abuse to obtain instant amnesty are common as well.

Gov. Brewer isn’t buying the crocodile tears. Obama’s actions violate Federal law, and that is enough for her to thwart his disgraceful end-runs.

Governor Brewer isn’t always on the right side of every issue, but she is on the right side most of the time and is standing for Americans in this case. Hussein Obama is Hell-bent on merging America with Mexico and facilitating the transition to a “one world government.” That is not good for America, but that doesn’t matter much to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Keep fighting, Governor, we’re with you.

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