Another Commercial They DIDN’T Show you!

Another commercial from the person that brought you the viral Super Bowl commercial that they didn’t show you   with the dirty cars and the sexy women washing them. Here is yet another commercial that they do not normally show on television, in this one though, I am taking you back to your red neck days up at your great grandma’s house when you and your cousins go to the area pond or river to do some Saturday morning noodling. Yep, that is where you stick your arm up in a hole or cavern in the water and wait until the big cat-fish bites your arm and then you pull out the dinner for the day.

These good ole-boys are standing around in the water when one comes up with a huge cat-fish. The only response for the others to do is to see  what they can catch as well. His buddies are eating Doritos though and you know how we all love Doritos and we have all seen what people will do, according to what you see on television, for Doritos.

I myself, and many others, could not quit laughing when they saw this video that you are about to see below. It has been shared and seen by  a few but now you get a first hand look at it and you can tell all your friends that you saw it here from your favorite opinion writer, JSquared!

Check it out and let me know how hard you laugh and if it brings back memories from times when you went Noodling. I have never been and  never would, There is just someting about sticking my arm in a hole in the water and waiting for something to bite it that does NOT appeal to me at ALL!!!


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