Afghan Migrant Dies by Gunshot at Bulgarian Border


Unlike the American-Mexican border, things got a little rougher at the Bulgarian-Turkish border when an Afghan man was apparently shot and killed trying to cross into Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is adamant about controlling its 160 mile border with Turkey with 18 miles of razor-wire fencing and 2,000 police, border guards and army to watch the rest.


At Bulgarian-Turkish border, Bulgaria policeman guards an opening in a razor-wire fence, (JewsNews)

The Afghan migrant died on the way to a hospital reportedly from a ricochet from warning shots fired as migrants were attempting to cross the border.

According to The Guardian in the UK:

“A big group of illegal migrants attempted to enter Bulgaria from Turkey. One man suffered a gunshot wound in the incident and died on the way to hospital,” an interior ministry spokeswoman told AFP.

The incident happened near the south-eastern Bulgarian town of Sredets on Thursday evening, March 24, she said, adding that the dead man was from Afghanistan.

Public BNR radio cited the interior ministry’s chief of staff, Georgy Kostov, as saying that the group of 50 people – all from Afghanistan – was intercepted by a patrol of two border guards and a police officer after crossing into Bulgarian territory.

“They put up resistance during the arrest. One of the officers fired warning shots and, in his words, one of the migrants was wounded by a ricochet and later died,” Kostov told the radio.

He did not confirm initial allegations that the group was armed, but an investigation of the incident is under way.

Immediately after the incident, Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov left an EU summit in Brussels on the refugee crisis and flew home.

“Prime minister Borisov informed me just before he left. It shows how important our discussion was … We are ready to help rebuilding of control of our external borders,” European council president Donald Tusk said in Brussels.

No matter how tough some Republican candidates sound about sealing the Mexican-American border and blocking the refugee flow into the United States, Europeans are struggling with a maelstrom brought about by thousands of incoming migrants—with European nations struggling with criminality among the migrants and with either stopping or reducing the flow of immigration.

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Accommodating the influx and dealing with rising nationalist opposition to more immigration is vexing European leaders, especially in the wake of jihadist attacks in Paris and Brussels.