9 FACTS That Prove Clock Boy Ahmed Was An Elaborate Hoax Created By Obama Administration

America has been fed a huge plate of steaming bullshit over the past week, after the media has worked tirelessly alongside the Obama Administration to twist the narrative of a poor little Muslim teen named Ahmed Mohamed, who was wrongfully singled out after bringing a strange ticking device to his high school in Irving, Texas. After alarming his teacher with the device and being detained by police, the teen immediately garnered support from the president, NASA, MIT, Facebook, CAIR, and other big names, who wasted no time coming out in full-support for the latest victim of “Islamophobia.”


But now details are emerging about what really happened that day, and in light of Ahmed’s family’s connections, the fishy story they’ve been spinning can easily be dismantled by anyone taking the time to look at the facts of the incident.

Just to recap, here is the story being pushed by the media, and the narrative you’re probably very familiar with by now: A young, clean-cut, Muslim boy makes a home-made clock, and wants to try his hand at a science fair at his school. Rather than being praised for his invention, he is detained at school and then arrested by police. Despite the fact that police at school knew it wasn’t a bomb, they still arrested Ahmed, and led him out in handcuffs.  Other kids at the school were not arrested, just the Muslim boy.

The following are key points of the media’s narrative followed by the truth of the situation.



Media Narrative #1: Ahmed’s clock was a school project.

Truth: This was not an assignment, nor was it for a science/engineering project. Ahmed brought in the “clock” out of the blue in order to “impress” his engineering teacher.

Media Narrative #2: The engineering teacher immediately turned Ahmed in.

Truth: His teacher gave him words of encouragement, but advised him not to show others the clock, since they might get the wrong idea, and think it was actually a bomb. (Obviously carrying around a count-down clock that beeps with wires hanging out isn’t a good idea.) Ahmed ignored his teacher’s advice, put the clock into his backpack, and headed off to his next class. When the clock began to beep in the middle of class, the teacher was alarmed, and sent Ahmed to the principals’s office.

Media Narrative #3: Ahmed was arrested even after the police realized it wasn’t a bomb. The police were singling him out because he was a Muslim, and decided to arrest him even though there wasn’t a threat.

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Truth: After questioning Ahmed, they knew it wasn’t a bomb, but believed that he was involved in an bomb hoax, and brought the device into the school in order to create fear and a disturbance. (Why else would someone bring a countdown clock to school that resembles a bomb?) The school, like most schools in the U.S., has a no-tolerance policy for incidents such as this, which is why Ahmed was arrested.

Media Narrative #4: Young inventors should be encouraged, not arrested.

Truth: Ahmed didn’t create or “invent” anything.  The device he brought in (at best) would be the result of tinkering. He took apart a standard clock, removed the plastic covering, added some wiring, and then shoved it inside of a briefcase/pencilcase. Not exactly the stuff of NASA scientists or MIT students.  In the following video you can see the level of effort he actually went to.  Once again not exactly impressive by any means.

Media Narrative #5: The school overreacted in fear because he was a Muslim and suspended him: a startling example of Islamophobia.

Truth: The school did nothing wrong. The school has a no tolerance policy in place, and the school simply followed their own rules. The only way this story could be classified as discrimination, is if another kid of a different race brought in a device exactly like Ahmed did, and the school did nothing about it. Despite what the media wants so desperately for you to believe, the school would’ve handled it in exactly the same manner.

The left wants you to believe their bullshit narrative, despite blaring holes in their propaganda-filled story. But why?

Other facts that point to this story being an elaborate hoax:

6. Ahmed isn’t just some random ambitious teen that is interested in science projects who decided to bring his “invention” to school to impress his teacher. His dad is a Sudanese immigrant who ran for president of Sudan twice. A well-known activist, the father protested the Quran-burning incident that took place in 2011, and is the spiritual leader of an Islamic center in Dallas, Texas (right next to Irving). The father is now working hand-in-hand with CAIR, in order to get his son’s bogus story out. He also has plans for meeting at the White House to discuss event even more. The family has now booked flights to New York to meet with dignitaries at the United Nation to discuss the case, where the father is now making claims that his son was “tortured by school officials.”

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7. Ahmed repeatedly refused to answer when questioned by school officials and police.

“He was not working with our police department…they had asked him some questions, and he was non-responsive and very dismissive….passive-aggressive,” Mayor Beth Van Duyne stated.

Yet, as soon as the media cameras were on, Ahmed with CAIR officials alongside, was suddenly ready to talk, reciting prepared statements on his front lawn and crying racism over the whole event.

8. Less than 10% of the students that go to the school are white. So the narrative that this story was about “white privilege” and that Ahmed was singled out for being a minority is completely false.

9. The Obama Administration along with Muslims have had their sites on Irving, Texas for quite some time. You may remember a story from a few months ago, where local Imams in the area made news after they proclaimed that they would be ignoring local/state law in order to follow Sharia Law, and attempted to establish their own Sharia court.  Ahmed’s family also attends the very same mosque that started the tribunal to establish Sharia Law and circumvent the Constitution in Texas.

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne at a job fair Thursday, July 19, 2012, in Irving, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne at a job fair Thursday, July 19, 2012, in Irving, Texas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

The Mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne, stood up against their plans for establishing a Sharia law court and was immediately attacked and demonized by the left.  She was dubbed “anti-Muslim mayor” for going against these Muslims’ plans to implement Sharia law. Ahmed’s family attends the very same mosque as the radicals who want to completely disregard US, State, and local laws, and we are supposed to believe that this same Texas town is the site of yet another case of rampant Islamophibia here in America? Is this why CAIR so heavily involved in this story? Why are they working so hard to push an Islamophobia story where none exists? Something is fishy here.

Jim Hanson, Center for Security Policy gave his thoughts during Glenn Beck’s show on Sept 21.


Jim Hanson, Center for Security Policy


“I don’t think there’s any question that this latest event was a PR stunt. It was a staged event where someone convinced this kid to bring a device that he didn’t build (it’s a radio shack clock that he put in a briefcase). You know how I know that? Because I built briefcase bombs and blown them up. That’s what they looked like. So anyone who looked at that was reasonable in assuming that it was a dangerous device. They did that to create the exact scenario that played out. They wanted people to react. and they wanted to portray this kid as an innocent victim. I think he was a pawn…”

What these Muslims are are engaging in, is known as “civilization jihad,” and now they are at the last step of their plan, which “total confrontation.”

“I think in their ultimate view, they might not even have to get violent. We might just lay down and submit. They have been so effective at this that it’s at the point right now where if you question anything about Islam you are put on lists….they are attempting to subvert us from within,” Hanson went on to say. 

These Muslims and the Obama Administration must take us for complete fucking idiots. This story was nothing short of an elaborate hoax perpetrated upon the American people in order to demonize those who speak out against Islam. See a Muslim running around with a briefcase that looks like a bomb? Say something, and guess what: YOU ARE A BIGOT!!! See how that works? The whole “see something, say something” statement that we frequently tell our children, and is the advice many law-enforcement and school officials use as a way to prevent crimes has now been completely blown out the window.

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Now if you see something, you better keep your mouth shut, unless you immediately want organizations such as CAIR swarming your ass and screaming you’re a bigot over your observations, while they threaten you with lawsuits and publicly shame you. And because of the way the media and the White House ran with this story, Muslims have yet one more way to further remove themselves from the same rules and restrictions the rest of us have to follow.  They are working hard to ensure that they are above reproach when it comes to anyone questioning anything that they do. WELL GUESS WHAT: WE AREN’T BUYING IT! THIS IS BULLSHIT AND WE WON’T STAND FOR IT!!

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