Message to ISIS, ISIL, or Whoever You’re Calling Yourself this Week!

Message to ISIS, ISIL, or Whoever You’re Calling Yourself this Week!

80330_BIG-128x150OK, I’ve been hearing all this talk for days now about these communist bastards threatening to seek out American Veterans and kill them. Well, I have finally snapped! I don’t know why, but that seems to be the main topic with the talking heads on the news this morning and it has put me over the edge!

My name is Camilo Andrade, I don’t write under an alias like many do, this is me! I live in Virginia and a little homework will bring you right to my front door. If you’re too damn stupid to find me from that in this information age, you don’t concern me, you’re obviously an idiot and will eventually end up turning yourself into shrapnel and spread across the desert somewhere. Moron!

Let me tell you about your prize. I am a United States Marine Corps Sergeant and a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer. I have a butt load of health problems, a prosthetic hip and another that needs repaired. I don’t move as fast as I used to, or I would come hunt your chicken sh*t ass down instead of inviting you to come after me.

Make no mistake about it though, I am still quite capable of defending myself and would much prefer you give me the opportunity to rip the jugular vein out of your throat with my new set of dentures instead of forcing me to shoot your silly ass.

You have threatened the wrong group of people and picked a fight with an adversary you are just not prepared to deal with. I don’t know a single veteran in this country that is afraid of you and your empty threats! We are not like the fools you are used to fighting. We do not beat our women and strap bombs to our children. We stand toe-to-toe with our enemies and look them in the eye as we drain the life from them!

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Before I send you to meet your maker in hell, you should know all that stuff about 72 virgins you’ve been promised, it’s BULL SH*T! I’m certain of it, the Marines have been in the Middle East for years now and we freely roam the streets of Paradise and scare the hell out of Satan… There is NO WAY the Marines have left any virgins… Definitely not 72 of them…

So, either come after me, or STFU! Your best bet, if you want to see tomorrow, would be to take your ass home and get all your friends to start Tweeting apologies and lay down your arms. American Veterans are NOT afraid of you and our active duty brethren, well… Eventually their boots will hit the ground and when they do… Your family tree is going to be missing some limbs!



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SemperFi, ~Sgt A~


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16 Comments on "Message to ISIS, ISIL, or Whoever You’re Calling Yourself this Week!"

  1. kansascase | 02/28/2015 at 9:18 PM |

    Funny – I sent them a message like that too – maybe with a few less cuss words. I have no fear of them either – in fact, probably the only person that does, is Obama. I wrote this today to him – to “help” him make up his mind and “get off his ass” and do something about it. February 28, 2015

    President Obama –

    You have proclaimed yourself to be a man of peace. Then, I
    have a couple of questions for you. The proliferation of nuclear weapons and
    weapons of mass destruction is not something you should support or tolerate by
    any country. Any and all actions should be taken immediately to prevent the
    development of nuclear weaponry and its use by Iran. This country does not like us
    – history makes that case. There is also the real possibility that this
    knowledge and/or materials will be shared among those that would do us harm.
    You may choose not to call them radical Islamists or terrorists, but I do not
    have that problem. I do not fear them – speaking Truthfully is a solid basis
    for honest communication and relations.

    The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Grand
    Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei is Iran’s most powerful official. His
    foreign policy is driven by animosity to the United
    States and Israel according the United States
    Institute of Peace, “The Iran Primer.” He is the single most powerful
    individual in a highly, factionalized, autocratic regime. No major decisions
    can be made without his consent, and his top priorities are his own survival
    and that of the Islamic Republic. Now, in theory, Iran’s Constitution was meant to
    combine theocracy with republicanism. But, that is not current policy. There was the disputed 2009 elections and his
    crackdown on protestors. He studied under the Ayatollah Khomeini in Qom – not a friend to the US either. You should be well aware
    of the Iranian Hostage Crisis which resulted in over 40 US embassy staff confined
    for over a year under President Jimmy Carter. Khamenei was accused by his own
    people of using “government-sanctioned” brutality. He will not cede any
    political power, and thus the Revolutionary Guard and a vast intelligence
    network protect him.

    Your overtures toward him have “unsettled” him and he will
    not change his stand. Even according to “The Iran Primer” prospects for
    reconciliation with the US
    are low while he remains in power. No engagement policy is expected to work.
    And, no pressure that aims to ignore or bypass him will succeed. He lives in
    the 1979 revolution – an attempt to rid Iran
    of two evils – the shah and the United
    States. His core values are justice (Islam),
    independence, self-sufficiency, and Islamic piety. Foreign powers are hostile
    to an independent, Islamic Iran.

    The nuclear program has come to embody the revolution’s core
    themes: the struggle for independence, the injustice of foreign powers, the necessity
    of self-sufficiency, and Islam’s high esteem for the sciences. On his own
    website, he is referred to as the “Supreme Leader of Muslims.” He has said that
    the recent Iranian scientific advances have been achieved thanks to the
    martyrdom for the sake of Allah. “Rather, our nation brought to the scene an
    identity called Islamic Identity, which courageously stands against the
    imperialism drawing upon Godly and moral principles,” adding that “this is
    despite the fact that the colonial powers still have continued to dominate over
    the downtrodden and oppressed the world through any mechanism available.”

    The current President of Iran is Hassan Rouhani, but he does
    not have the power to make or keep treaties. Now, Rouhani has been very active
    in regards to a nuclear arsenal by being a super diplomat. Using efforts
    involving dialogue and confidence building, they have prevented the nuclear
    issue from coming to the floor of the UN and the Security Council. As a result,
    succeeded in completing its nuclear fuel cycle and took groundbreaking steps. His
    nuclear dossier should be disturbing. He was secretary of the Supreme National
    Security Council for 16 years. His leading role in nuclear negotiations bought
    him the nickname of “Diplomat Sheikh.” His purpose was to “buy time to advance Iran’s
    program.” Although he is more moderate, he cannot take on the Supreme Leader.
    We, the US,
    are at the tip of the spear as long as Supreme Leader lives.

    Your number one job as President is to protect US citizens.
    Attempting to pacify Iran, ISIS, ISIL will not work. Iran will not stop enriching
    uranium voluntarily. It will not be for the development of an electrical plant,
    but for political power. I don’t doubt that the “Supreme Leader of Muslims”
    will make this technology available to all other “worthy” Islamists, including
    martyrs which he respects.

    What are you going to do about it? This is not the time to
    “think it over,” it is the time to “take action.” The consequences for failing
    to act could very well result in global battles and destruction.

    I fight destruction and for all that is good. I have no fear
    for I am not alone. Now, “if there are individuals or organizations that are
    hurt by seeing me do good, then 2015 is gonna be a very, very bad year for
    them…” Heaven help us.

  2. Sandra Dudley | 02/11/2015 at 10:35 AM |

    Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by Christians and the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing Terrorism is something new by Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they did during the Ottoman empire. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take Islam seriously. The radical Muslims are the ones who take it seriously because Islam is a radical belief. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of governments.

  3. Larry Poniatowski | 02/04/2015 at 6:43 AM |

    Lock & Load brother.

  4. Imsure all the vnv,s are ready

  5. Debbie Evans | 02/02/2015 at 7:25 PM |

    You are my hero, thank you for serving sir!

  6. Vence Baker | 02/02/2015 at 12:18 PM |

    OOOOOORRRAAAHHHH! I’ll stand with you! I’m a proud disabled veteran, but not so disabled that I can’t squeeze the trigger! God Bless You Borther!

  7. Delper Hude | 02/02/2015 at 3:21 AM |

    Why do you think they are trying to take our guns away and make ammo so expensive? Remember WW2 when the Japanese would not invade our mainland because they knew the public was armed? Well the same holds true today, be an informed armed citizen ready to defend your property, your family and
    your country!

  8. Neil Truman | 02/01/2015 at 11:00 AM |

    I’m not in the military and I would like to thank all the men and women who are and to let you all know I 110% have your back brothers and sisters

  9. Ken Busch | 01/31/2015 at 11:03 PM |

    SemperFi Marine

  10. Jodi Van de Loop | 01/31/2015 at 6:36 PM |

    Respect man! I am proud of every single vet, every single active duty soldier! Very grateful to every one of you, so thankyou and God Bless! Oh…and I’ll be ready for them too!

  11. John Rondeau | 01/30/2015 at 9:55 PM |

    come on asswipes,,,, BUT you better remember this we as AMERICANS may fight among our selves, BUT when you attack one of us, you just bring out the AMERICAN family in all of us and we band together to finish the fight. We have the best arms, personnel, training and the will to defend our way of life from all oppressors foreign or domestic

  12. Jerry Dino Martin | 01/30/2015 at 7:38 AM |

    Allah snackbar (let them come I already hid the goats) and picked
    up my rifle

  13. Forrest Alley Jr | 01/26/2015 at 2:11 AM |

    I too live in Virginia, I’m 59 years old, Ready, willing, not so able any more, but I can shoot a deer at 300 yards, and a coke bottle at 100, all free hand, no damn rest with my 30-06 all day long. When SHTF I will STAND with any American to do what needs to be done. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I don’t run from it either. Count me in.

  14. George Ebinger | 01/12/2015 at 3:30 PM |

    Ex service, present marksman. Willing to protect my country, I don’t have to protect my neighbors their all ready.

  15. David Whitmore | 01/08/2015 at 10:37 PM |

    I love this letter… And this Man. I don’t know you sir, but I believe in you and what you stand for. I’m retired USAF, and my disabilities make me a bit slow, but I’ll stand right beside you.

  16. I Love his letter.

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