{Watch} Are Those FEMA Stickers on Your Mail Box?

FEMA mail box stickers A theory has come about in the past year about reflective stickers that many people across the U.S. have been finding on their mail boxes. The theory claims that the stickers have been placed by FEMA, and that people are being “color coded” based upon what the government knows about their political leanings.

Those who believe this theory claim that if you have a red sticker on your mail box, then FEMA has determined you to be a veteran, or a conservative, or a true patriot and that you are going to be killed on the first night that the New World Order takes over.

If you have a blue sticker, then FEMA has determined that you believe many of the same things the people with red stickers believe, but you are a follower by nature, a sheeple, and you will be herded off to one of the many FEMA camps that are allegedly being set up all over the U.S.

If you have a yellow sticker, then you rock! You are a strong supporter of socialism, the New World Order, and the King, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and you will be allowed to remain in your home- on house arrest.

What is the truth behind the stickers?

Well, you can believe the new “theory,” or you can ask anyone who has ever delivered news papers and they will tell you that it is to let them know whether the household receives the paper daily, on weekends, or both.

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5 Comments on "{Watch} Are Those FEMA Stickers on Your Mail Box?"

  1. I was wondering why I’ve yet to see a mailbox sticker out here in the country. Now I know. The paperboy just paints a mark on the street in front of the house.

  2. your tin-foil hat is too tight or something bro…just sayin

  3. My wife delivers newspapers and places those reflective stickers there to help her substitute know who gets a Sunday Only paper, or a weekday only, or full subscription (a different color for each subscription type).

  4. a view from street level | 10/17/2013 at 1:22 PM |

    i’m going to paint mine white

  5. what about the huge high tech furnaces they made in alaska years ago.. they are to burn up people like they did to the jews. they are there. and the plan is to take ALL prisoners there first. any one being held in a jail are to be toast first. then i have no ideal who is next.. check this out and get it out to every one via facebook. do it and do it soon.. they figured that alaska was the best place cause we wouldn’t see it or find it.. WHY THE HELL HASN’T PALIN SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS???? if you have any loved ones imprisoned right now warn them that if they are taken to be put on a plane or a train and shiped somewhere to escape.. have everyone escape. fight tooth and nail if needed, but get away. i love this country so bad that it hurts, and i’ll be damned if i don’t open my mouth and shout at the top of my lungs about anything and everything that i know… MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS…..TheOrignalMinuteMan

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