THESE 16 States Move To Ban Sharia Law For Good… Muslims Cry ‘Islamophobia’

Sharia Law

Radicals of all shapes and sizes are a serious problem within the United States. Although Muslims are definitely welcome in the United States, they cannot impose an archaic and un-American way of life on our country. That is why a number of states are considering a total ban of Sharia law within their borders.

In short “Shariah Law” is fundamentally incompatible with American’s basic principles of individual rights, however even if this barbaric doctrine were compatible, it still would simply be “unconstitutional!”

Sharia Law

In alphabetical order, here are the states which have banned Islamic Sharia from being used by the courts or legal system. Is yours on the list?

Alabama (two bills)
Florida (two bills)
Indiana (two bills)
Mississippi (four bills)
Missouri (two bills)
North Carolina
Oklahoma (seven bills)
South Carolina (two bills)
Texas (six bills)
West Virginia
Wyoming (two bills)

Sharia Law

I certainly hope that by the end of 2015, every state in America will be on the list. Alabama and Texas are the states which have passed the most recent laws, and they are setting the models for anti-Sharia laws.

h/t: usatwentyfour

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